The Brook Hill School strives to ensure that students have access to technology resources that they need to support their success.  作为十大网赌app排行榜技术使命的一部分, Brook Hill provides all students in grades 6-12 and their families free access to Microsoft Office 365 for Education. This powerful Microsoft platform provides the opportunity for our staff and students to create, 相互分享和协作.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education benefits:

  • Access to the online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote via a web browser. The online versions are similar to the Windows/Mac versions, but with some limitations.
  • 1TB of cloud storage via Microsoft OneDrive for each student. Student OneDrive accounts are accessible on campus or off so files are always available.
  • 下载能力 & install the full version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 personal devices (PC, Mac, and mobile devices) per student account–免费.
  • Office mobile apps can be downloaded from the appropriate device’s app store. Full editing capabilities are available on mobile apps once students login with their Brook Hill username/密码.
  • Brook Hill email accounts for students grades 6-12.


How do I access Office 365 and my student email?

    Students access Office 365 by logging into the Brook Hill Portal using their Brook Hill username/email address and 密码. 布鲁克山入口可以在 办公室.caspro.net. There is also a link under “快速链接” on this website.
    Please note: Student email accounts are based on their Brook Hill computer/wifi username. 只需添加“@brookhill”即可.org” to the student username to make the email address. For example, a student’s username is “test.学生”. 学生的电子邮件地址是"(电子邮件保护)”.

Can I add Brook Hill email to my iPhone/iPad?

是的! Setting up your iPhone/iPad to receive Brook Hill email only takes a few minutes.

  2. 点击设备上的设置图标
  3. 点击邮件,联系人,日历
  4. 轻按“添加帐户”…
  5. 利用交换. (不要选择outlook.COM!!)
  6. 输入您的电子邮件和密码.
  7. 水龙头下. 您的证书将被验证.
  8. Determine which items you want to receive on your device.
    邮件 = Brook Hill电子邮件
    联系人 = 联系人 listed in the People section of Office 365
    日历 = Appointments entered into the 日历 section of Office 365
    提醒 = Items entered into the Tasks section of Office 365

  9. 利用节省. 您的帐户将被添加.
  10. By default, iPhone/iPads will store only the most current 1 week worth of email. If you would like older emails on your device, you need to change this setting.
  11. 点击Exchange帐户
  12. 点击“同步邮件天数”
  13. 点击想要的邮件时间范围
  14. 利用交换
  15. 利用邮件…
  16. 利用设置
  17. 按Home键你的设备
  18. 点击邮件图标
  19. 利用邮箱
  20. To switch between email accounts (if you have more than Brook Hill email on your device), 轻按您想要查看的电子邮件帐户.

Can I add Brook Hill email to my Android device?

是的! Setting up your Android phone or tablet to receive Brook Hill email only takes a few minutes.

  2. 点击设备上的设置图标
  3. 点击账户
  4. 轻按“添加帐户”
  5. 点击Microsoft Exchange帐户. (不要选择办公室!!)
  6. 输入您的电子邮件和密码.
  7. 水龙头下. 您的证书将被验证.
  8. 当提示继续时,单击OK.
  9. 完成同步设置
    同步邮件的周期 = select how far back in time you want to see Brook Hill email on your device
    同步时间 = Decide when/how Brook Hill email comes to your phone
    邮件检索大小 =(这里的默认值很好)
    同步日历的周期 = select how far back in time you want to see calendar events on your device
    收到邮件时通知我 =开/关
    同步联系人 =开/关 (联系人 entered in the People section of Office 365)
    同步日历 =开/关 (Appointments entered in the 日历 section of Office 365)
    同步任务 =开/关 (Items entered in the Tasks section of Office 365)
    同步消息 =关闭(这个应该设置为关闭)

  10. 水龙头下. (If you receive a message saying the server could not be verified, click Continue or OK)
  11. 点击激活
  12. 开发完成
  13. 返回主界面.
  14. 打开电子邮件图标
  15. If you have more than one account you may need to switch over to see your Brook Hill email.
  16. 点击收件箱
  17. 选择要查看的帐户


    The first time students access the Brook Hill Portal, they will answer 3 security questions. 在溪山入口(办公室.caspro.net),有一个“重置密码”的连结. (The “Reset Password” link will only become available after a student completes the first-time registration.)
    Students can select this link, answer their security questions and reset their 密码.

我是一个新学生. 我如何获得我的布鲁克山用户名 & 密码?

    New students must visit the Tech Office (located in Lauderdale Hall next to the Commons) to setup their Brook Hill username & 密码. Once this has been setup, students can access the Brook Hill Portal and Office 365.

What happens when a student leaves Brook Hill?

    If a student withdraws from Brook Hill his/her subscription for Office 365 for Education will expire immediately. Brook Hill graduates will have access to their Office 365 accounts (including Brook Hill email) for 6 months after graduation.


  • The Office applications enter a reduced-functionality mode, 这意味着您可以查看文档, but you cannot edit or create new documents.
  • 在线服务将不再有效. This includes your Book Hill email address, Office Online and OneDrive document storage.

Where can I find training on Office 365 ProPlus?

Can Office be installed on more than one device?

    是的! Microsoft Office can be downloaded to 5 PCs, plus you can download the apps for iOS and Android devices.

我如何下载? & 安装办公室?

  • 登入溪山入门网站(办公室.caspro.net),使用你的布鲁克山电邮地址 & 密码.
  • bhportal

  • 当Office 365打开时,单击 安装Office 2016 按钮(右上角)
  • installO365

  • Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to run, save or download. Follow the instructions and your install will begin.
  • downloadO365

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