The Brook Hill School believes that technology enhances the learning process. 因此, we are committed to preparing our community of learners to exhibit Christ-like character as citizens in a digital world by integrating technology to maximize productivity, stimulate innovation, advance communication, promote critical thinking, and foster collaboration.


Office 365 for education

Students in our 中间 & Upper School, as well as our entire Faculty & Staff have access to Office 365 for Education. This powerful suite of tools provides opportunities for online collaboration, sharing of information and free access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For more information on our Office 365 platform, visit the Brook Hill Office 365 page.


Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and Digital Wireless Projection provide powerful teaching and learning tools, where teachers are empowered and students become active participants.

At our Lower School, every classroom is equipped with a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, document camera and student computer. Our 中间 and Upper School classroom have a mix of media solutions including Promethean Boards and flat screen TVs with digital wireless projection. Both campuses also come equipped with TruTouch Interactive Touch Displays. These classroom technology resources encourage our teachers to design lessons with group collaboration, and provide opportunities for our students to interact with various technologies in the classroom.


Our Lower School students learn the advantages and pitfalls of email and internet in our internet safety lessons. They are instructed in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite through project based activities and are taught keyboarding skills with a variety of on-line programs.

Student technology learning continues with our 中间 School technology program. Students follow a rich, project-based curriculum built around the Microsoft Office suite of products. This includes learning to use technology as a tool for research, 做的功课, presentations, collaboration, and communication.

iPad and Laptop CARTS

Brook Hill’s iPad, Laptop & Microsoft Surface Tablet carts provide our Lower, 中间, and Upper School teachers with a great way to integrate technology not only into their lessons, but also into their classrooms. Carts are reserved and supported by our Director of Educational 技术 and Innovation who works directly with teachers to ensure success in the classroom.


Canvas is a powerful online Learning Management System.  Our teachers utilize Canvas to deliver online content and resources, helping to prepare our students for the online learning rich environments found in college education today.

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