At Brook Hill, we teach an integrated curriculum of history, English, philosophy, theology, and other disciplines. We believe that students gain a better understanding of the world when they are able to not just study the history of events, but understand their connection to the history of ideas through the eyes of literature.


What is Humanities?


In short, Humanities is the study of what it means to be human. It is an intensive study of the great writings, people, events, works and ideas that have formed and reformed civilization as we know it.

Humanities is NOT two courses taught by one teacher. Rather, Humanities is one course in which a teacher teaches the normative works of our culture within their historical settings. This helps students understand how the works and the people who wrote them were influenced by their times. It also reveals the universal nature of the great works, which are classics precisely because they somehow speak to all people at all times.

A major emphasis of our Humanities curriculum is to help the students grow in the strategic skills of communication—reading, writing, speaking and listening—which will enable them to move into any arena of life as confident, articulate, truthful, and persuasive Christians.



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