The choral program at The Brook Hill School is committed to providing students with a wide range of musical experiences through both individual and group activities. Our goal is to encourage students to become confident and well-rounded musicians, with an appreciation of all kinds of music. The choir will develop proper vocal technique through a wide variety of music, including unison and part singing, classical and contemporary, small and large ensembles, and even solo singing. Students will have the opportunity to compete in groups and individually as well at various competitions through TMEA and TAPPS vocal contests.

较低的学校 Music


Through our musical dramas most of our students sing in the choirs. This is an opportunity to apply the theory and skills of music in a musical presentation. Our programs are a step beyond a cute collection of children singing some songs. They are fully immersed in what is involved in presenting a musical program of excellence.

中学 Boys and girls 唱诗班


中学 唱诗班s at The Brook Hill School are generally divided by grade levels. This course is a progressive study of choral literature and techniques through a variety of styles and genres of music. Students will progress from unison singing through multiple part sight-singing and performance music. Basic music theory will be reviewed and reinforced throughout the year. Sight-singing will be taught using the solfege (Do-Re-Mi) system. Students will be given opportunities to perform both individually and corporately. Brook Hill 中学 唱诗班 students have consistently been chosen for the TMEA Region 唱诗班. The choirs have produced a musical each year for the last 11 years, most recently performing Into the Woods, Jr.



The 合资公司合唱团 is designated for 9th 和10th grade students working on skills necessary to excel at the varsity level.  Students will have opportunities to perform throughout the year at Mistletoe and Magic, Christmas and Spring at the Brook, TAPPS State Vocal Meets and they may compete at the TMEA All-Region tryouts. In addition to the music repertoire learned, students will continue work on music theory as it relates to the literature performed.



The 警卫队赞美诗 is the school’s premier performing group and is open to students in grades 9 through 12. The course is designed to teach proper technique for choral singing and sight-singing through a progressive study of choral literature from classical to contemporary music. A variety of styles and genres are taught to give the students a complete experience of choral music. Also incorporated into the class is a thorough study of sight-reading skills using the solfege (Do-Re-Mi) system. Music theory will be taught and reinforced throughout the year as it relates to the choral literature. Students are given opportunities to perform both corporately and individually. The choir performs each year at Mistletoe and Magic, Christmas at the Brook, Spring at the Brook, and at various venues around East Texas. The 上学校 唱诗班 has regularly received Superior ratings at the TAPPS State Vocal Contests. Brook Hill 唱诗班 students have also consistently been named to the TMEA All-Region choirs. Members of the choir have performed with Christian artists Michael W. Smith, Lauren Daigle, and Francesca Battistelli at Carnegie Hall in New York City.



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